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These General Terms and Conditions of Use aim to regulate and discipline the use of the services provided by BLOMBÔ DIGITAL SERVICES LTD., a company duly registered under CNPJ/MF No. 27,300,426/0001-17, located at Av. Cidade Jardim, 86 - Jardim Europa, São Paulo - SP, 01449-070, hereinafter simply referred to as Blombô, offered through its website www.blombo.com (“Site”).

The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use, and all other policies and principles that govern it, is an essential condition for any person, natural or legal, who wishes to use the Site and the respective services provided by Blombô. Individuals who do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use must refrain from using the services offered by Blombô.

The use of any of Blombô's services, whether already available or to be made available by it in the future, attributes to the user ("User") the condition of user.

The User expressly declares that, before registering on the site (as a Blombô User), they have carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Use and its Privacy Policy, thus certifying to have understood and accepted all the conditions established herein, as well as in other documents indicated therein.

It is established that, in addition to what is provided herein, any rules or policies disclosed by Blombô, applicable to the services offered, or to any other services that may be made available by it in the future, including, but not limited to, any additional terms and conditions, shall be an integral part of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use will be expressly given at the time of registration with Blombô, whereby the User will express their agreement with the Terms and Conditions of Use presented by clicking on the option to "confirm their acceptance".

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