What is Blombô?

Blombô is an online platform for buying and selling works of art. A marketplace with variety and credibility that prioritizes the selection of the works exposed: from the plastic arts to photography, from the antiquarian to the design.

Why Blombô?

Because we find gaps in the Brazilian art market and we realize how much the digital universe is irreversible. Being online is to reduce costs, increase practicality and multiply reach. Blombô because we deeply believe that to stand out in the universe of the arts it is necessary to be professional, experienced and judicious.

Blombô for whom?

Blombô for beginners, initiates, traders, collectors, researchers and curious. For Brazilians and foreigners. For those who have an interest in selling, buying, or just knowing a little more about the art market and its top names.


The name Blombô came from a visit to the past. We came back a hundred thousand years until we came across the oldest studio in the world: the Blombos cave. The cave of the first palettes and cave paintings, the South African cave revealed a common logic among the members of Blombô: to deal with something that has existed for 100 thousand years is to treat the essence of the human being.