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Emanoel Araújo

Emanoel Araújo

Brazil - 1940

Place in the contemporary art. He was born into a traditional family of goldsmiths, had learned carpentry, linotype and typesetting in the Official Press of Santo Amaro da Purificação.

In 1959, he held his first solo exhibition in his homeland. After moving to Salvador in the 1960's, Araujo joined the Escola de Belas Artes da Bahia (Fine Arts School of Bahia) to study printmaking.

Araujo was awarded the gold medal at the 3rd Graphic Biennial of Florence, Italy, in 1972. In the following year, he received the award from Associação Paulista de Críticos de Arte (APCA) as the best engraver, and in 1983, as the best sculptor. He was the Director of the Museu de Arte da Bahia (1981-1983) and taught Graphic Arts and Sculpture at the Arts College, in The City University of New York (1988).

He was, by years, ahead of important museums and cultural centers, creating an original dynamic of work which enabled public access to several international exhibitions.

In the 90s he led the restructuring of Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, transforming the building into one of the greatest museums in the country, making it eligible to receive national and international exhibitions.

In 2004, he was invited by the Mayor of São Paulo city to be the Secretary of Culture and founded Afro Brasil Museum, where he is currently the Curator - Director.


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