Amilcar de Castro

Amilcar De Castro

Brazil - 1920

Mastery in Minimalist and Geometric Sculpture

Amilcar de Castro (1920-2002) was one of the most renowned Brazilian sculptors, known for his minimalist and geometric approach. Born in Paraisópolis, Minas Gerais, he was a pivotal figure in the evolution of modern sculpture in Brazil, primarily using corten steel to create works that are both robust and elegantly simple.

Amilcar de Castro's work is deeply influenced by concrete and abstract art and is characterized by the use of pure forms and the exploration of the physical properties of materials. His sculptures are notable for the clarity of their lines and the way they interact with the surrounding space, offering new perspectives and visual experiences.

Throughout his career, Amilcar de Castro gained international recognition, with his works featured in major collections and exhibitions around the world. He is often celebrated for his ability to transform industrial materials into refined artistic expressions, which communicate balance and visual tension.

Amilcar de Castro's works are essential for collectors who value modern art and sculpture as forms of expression. They represent a fusion of technique and emotion, capturing the essence of minimalism with a distinctly Brazilian touch.

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