Yutaka Toyota


Japan - 1931

Yutaka Toyota was born in Tendo, Japan, in 1931 and arrived in Brazil in 1962. From 1965 to 1968, he lived in Milan, Italy, where he worked with designer Bruno Munari developing his research on sculpture with reflexes.
He revolutionized the concept of sculpture in Brazil, receiving the most important awards in the country. Several of his monuments can be seen in the city of São Paulo, where he lives.
Toyota constructed his sculptures in stainless steel with absolute precision, creating shiny surfaces – almost mirrors – that reflect and distort both the surroundings and the color elements he introduces.
His work is completed by the visitor´s interactions, such as circling around the object. The artist has also made some kinetic sculptures that can be manipulated by the visitor, creating a dance of shapes.

Photo: http://www.pinturasemtela.com.br/yutaka-toyota-pintor-e-escultor-brasileiro/
Text: http://www.thebrickellian.com/artists/yutaka-toyota/

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