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Lúcio Tamino

Lúcio Tamino

Brazil - 1982

From an early age, he learned and practiced various visual arts techniques, in an autodidact manner and with the guidance of his father and grandfather (Gregorio and Mário Gruber), such as drawing, oil painting, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, sculpture and photography.
During his training, he studied painting and drawing in Barcelona and worked as an assistant in watercolor and painting courses taught by Gregorio. He participated in several family exhibitions and collective exhibitions. He has artworks in the collection of the Palácio 9 de Julho in São Paulo and had a work selected for the "Culture in Motion" program of the Ministry of Culture website (2009-2010).
Since 2007, he lives in Serra da Cantareira, developing a relationship with nature and practicing autonomous feeding, studying astronomy, geology, biology and botany in a direct and practical way, themes that reflect in his artistic work. In 2009, at the exhibition "Natura Naturans", he exhibited materials collected at Cantareira, his trips and works inspired by them. In 2010, he developed the "A Look at the Cantareira" project, an artistic residence in the Cantareira State Park with painting and drawing workshops and also lectures for children. In 2012, he directed the videos "Eixo" and "Padma" for the band Diafanes.

In 2013-2014, he participated in the political demonstrations that took place in Brazil and produced works of manifesto on reused propaganda posters. In 2015, he got involved with the agroecology movement and created the series "PANC é PUNK!", in which he portrayed the PANC (Non-Conventional Food Plants) on political stands, being one of the directors of the same event where he exhibited these works and developed dishes with these plants, which were served during the event, bridging the gap between art, gastronomy and politics.

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