Moysés Mellim

Moysés Mellim

Moysés Mellim is a renowned Brazilian sculptor born in Ribeirão Preto, SP. Since 1985, his work has been distinguished by the integration of geometric elements, surpassing traditional three-dimensional expressions through plastic combination and structural unity. His sculptures encompass a wide range of formats, including wall sculptures, table sculptures, floor sculptures, and garden sculptures.

Materials and Techniques:
Moysés Mellim employs a variety of materials in his creations, including oxidized painted carbon steel, bronze, and cast aluminum. These materials allow the artist to explore and develop his unique design, resulting in works that are both visually impactful and structurally innovative.

Style and Influences:
Mellim's sculptures are known for their fluid and curvilinear forms, which imprint light and movement onto the metal. His works not only stimulate meditation but also invite touch, promoting continuous movement and subtle sensitivity. This approach transforms rigid metal into dynamic and engaging compositions.

Recognition and Legacy:
Moysés Mellim's work is widely recognized and appreciated both in Brazil and internationally. His sculptures are frequently seen in public spaces, gardens, and private collections, where they continue to inspire and captivate viewers with their beauty and structural complexity.

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